Round 4: TFTC coordinates largest designation to date

TFTC’s fourth joint action in October 2019 marked its most ambitious tranche and included 25 targets affiliated with the Iranian regime’s terror-support networks in the region. In another first, this action primarily focused on the financial infrastructure of terrorist networks, specifically targeting entities providing cover to facilitate terrorist financing. Several of the businesses targeted in this action provided financial support to the Basij Resistance Force (Basij), a paramilitary force subordinate to the IRGC that have long been used as shock troops by the regime to oppress domestic opposition and foment regional conflicts. This coordinated action provided a concrete step towards denying the Iranian regime the ability to undermine the stability of the region. Four of the targets designated were Hizballah-affiliated individuals who led and coordinated the group’s operational, intelligence, and financial activities in Iraq.

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Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps